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Engineering support complements Aerospace Concepts' services in Interior Design, Technical Acceptance, Completion Management and Flight Operations Support. Participation in the Global Express Advisory Council allows us to keep up to date on in-service issues, new Service Bulletins, proposed modifications and upcoming product improvements, and inform our clients accordingly. Technical information regarding Aircraft Flight Manuals, Operations Manuals, Master Minimum Equipment Lists, aircraft performance and weight & balance are examples of the type of support offered.


Additional dedicated activities include:


Research & Development


ACL is involved in several R&D projects including the development of an integrated cockpit security system for Part 121 operators and flight guidance system integration. A major part of this type of undertaking lies in the formation of strategic alliances with other companies in order to share resources and talents. Feel free to get in touch with us in order to explore ways in which we can establish a mutually beneficial relationship in this regard.


Trade-Off Studies


When considering an aircraft acquisition, numerous factors including technical trade-off studies between aircraft types may be necessary in order to arrive at an optimum selection. Engineering considerations can include performance studies, reliability comparisons, and systems evaluations. ACL can assist the buyer in performing a technical due diligence in this important phase of a project.


Design & Analysis


Aerospace Concepts can support the conceptual aerodynamic design, sizing and analysis of aircraft platforms. In addition, we are able to assist you in setting up and conducting scale model wind tunnel and flight test programs, as well as provide an independent analysis of test data.




With extensive experience in Transport Canada/FAA/JAA Part 25 Stability & Control and Performance certification standards, we can enhance your ability to scope out and conduct flight test programs. Whether it is for overall program management, specific review of test plans, identification of risk areas, interpretation of advisory material, data analysis or review of certification reports, we will bring added value to your project and mitigate program risk.

Services Overview

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