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Technical acceptance of a new aircraft commences at the green aircraft stage, continues through the interior completion process and culminates at final acceptance and delivery. Pre-owned aircraft requiring refurbishment also require a great deal of attention to technical issues. Having ACL represent the buyer in all related technical issues ensures a quality product, cost savings and a timely delivery. ACL has successfully implemented a unique and comprehensive reporting system for our clients, allowing them to keep abreast of all issues throughout the project.


Pre-Buy Inspections


Prior to the contractual acceptance of a new or pre-owned aircraft, ACL can conduct a comprehensive Pre-Buy Evaluation. This includes a complete review of the interior and exterior quality standard, Specification, Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives, disposition of discrepancies, life limited components, systems installations and flight test results. A detailed report including photographs will be produced that can be used as a basis for final contract negotiation and future warranty claims.


Green Aircraft Inspections


Technical acceptance of the green aircraft includes the review of functional test results, identifying deviations between as-built and as-designed configurations, snag review, and documentation control. We will perform detailed inspections on the airframe, engine, components and accessories to identify any undocumented damage, problems or future concerns. A thorough paperwork review will be conducted to detect any possible discrepancies on major part changes, serial number listings, modification status, flight test and production test data.


Delivery Acceptance


During the interior completion process, we will monitor all technical aspects of the aircraft including production drawings, airframe/engine/system build quality, snags, ground and flight test results, serialized component list, certification documentation, Service Bulletin incorporation and product improvements. During final acceptance, a final review of all documents including the AFM, component handbooks, warranty paperwork and passenger briefing cards will be conducted. Conformity of placards, circuit breaker layouts, switch panels, etc. will be assured. ACL will also conduct a detailed of inspection of all loose and spare equipment. A final report outlining the open items at delivery will be produced, providing a means to track all remaining issues.

Services Overview

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